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"Timing is Everything!"
Astrology is a tool which will give you more insight into your personal world around you! Insight can come in the form of awareness of our health, career or just knowing more about ourselves and our personal patterns. Your chart is a cosmic diagram of the moment of your birth, which can show future trends and cycles, giving you more knowledge about yourself and others. It acts as a blueprint for your life. Astrology blends mathematics and the intuitive arts into a consultation, which uses time and space as the critical factors to consult with. This is why astrology is so unique, being used since the beginning of historical records, and can be found in every advanced culture.

Laura records all consultations and also offers you the ability to pay for your consultation through paypal.com The first appointment takes between 75 to 90 minutes of time and covers your past, present and future. This is the most important consultation of all in that Laura establishes credibility by telling you about key events in your past. Laura believes that a good consultant needs to be able to tell you about events from your past to be able to forecast your future accurately. Laura uses the 90 degree dial and midpoints as hers tools.


A Consultation with Laura will give you an inside edge to:

  • Determine the best time to "Get Married or Divorced", or just the most favorable time to meet a future mate.

  • Find the best time to buy or sell property, and when you have the potential to be abundant and successful.
  • When will there be health issues,and of what nature.

  • What's the best career to go into, and when will there be a new direction in employment.

  • What is the nature of my soul's journey in this life time, and what have you brought in from a previous life to work on.



Timing, "The Key to Success"




Professional Astrologer For Over 30+Years


Laura specializes in Professional Consultations, focusing on TIMING!
If you could predict the future, how much would it be worth to you? Knowing the consequences of cause and effect, what would you do differently. Astrology provides the keys to successfully determining trends and cycles that can make a positive impact on the success of your everyday life. Astrology can be used in so many facets of one's life, by giving direction into the unknown. Laura has worked behind the scenes with executives from the computer, healthcare, entertainment and real estate industries. The LOS ANGELES TIMES tracked Laura's predictions against the leading economic forecaster for Orange County, at Chapman University's Center for Economic Research. Her predictions were not only accurate, but provide technical details that proved correct. Laura's decisions are calculated via a computerized system based on a mathematical, logical science, that has the potential to give you cutting edge knowledge.